The Learning Resource Centre


The Learning Resources Centre is a whole school facility, and offers a contemporary and pleasant learning environment. It is situated on the ground floor near the Modern Foreign Languages dept.  It is staffed by the LRC Manager, Mrs Smith, who is assisted by a group of student LRC volunteers.

The LRC is open every day and all are welcome.  The on-duty staff and students are there to help students with their homework, find books or magazines to read, DVDs or CDs to borrow free for a week and there are networked PCs bookable for all students and staff to use. 

LRC Manager



Books : there are over 10,000 books, both fiction and non-fiction which can be borrowed for 3 weeks at a time. Students and staff are able to search for books on the ‘Eclipse’ system to see if they are currently available in the library.

Computers : there are 15 computers which can be booked for individual student use (breaks, lunchtimes and after school) and also may be booked by teachers for a research lesson on their subject

DVDs/CDs : there is a varied selection of films, both educational and entertainment , and music media that can be borrowed for one week at a time.  There are also audio books and CD Roms.

To access Eclipse, the Redruth School LRC database, please click on the link below.


To check if a book from home is on the accelerated reader list, please click  Accelerated-Reader.jpg

To help you choose your next book, please click    Who-next.jpg


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