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For all year groups:

Redruth School has subscribed to electronic websites to enhance the teaching and learning of Mathematics.  The use in lessons and for homework of Mymaths and Mathswatch enable the students to have access to high quality explanations and electronic teaching of topics that they may struggle with.  Each student has their own login and password to these sites and parents are able to access them to support work at home.  As a department we are focussed on ensuring that our students reach their potential.  To support students we run intervention sessions after school. The intervention sessions will run on;

Monday        3.00 pm -3.30 pm for year 7/8

Wednesday   3.00pm – 4.00 pm for year 11

Thursday      3.00pm – 4.00pm for year9/10

Although we invite targeted students to these sessions we welcome any students who has the desire and motivation to come along to further their learning and understanding in Mathematics.

Years 7 -9

The students in year 7, 8 and 9 are following the AQA syllabus for GCSE.  This requires them to extend and develop secure mental and written methods of calculations for all types of number.  They will explore and develop an understanding of algebra, data handling and geometry and measures.  Students are placed in sets according to ability and target predictions.  Every half term the students will be assessed through the use of past GCSE examination papers.  Their attainment will be given against a range of marks that would be suitable for a student of their ability in the set in which they are taught.  A students’ progress will be measured against predictions made from their Key stage 2 data. 

Year 10

Students in year 10 are following the current AQA linear GCSE syllabus.  They are further developing a deeper understanding of algebraic topics.  The other topics of Data Handling, Geometry are more deeply explored and number is used and applied to more real life contexts   Lessons are designed to prepare them fully for the exam that they will sit in the June of their year 11.  Students are set according to targets and ability and assessed regularly using past GCSE papers.  Their attainment will be given as a GCSE grade; it will be the grade they would have attained if they had sat the exam.

Year 11

Students in year 11 are following the current Edexcel linear GCSE syllabus.  Students are taught in sets according to target grades and ability. Lessons will cover all the mathematical topics and will attempt to close the gap of any missing knowledge the students may have.  The lessons at this stage are focussed on exam topics and technique.  Students will sit an assessment of a past GCSE paper every half term with their attainment being reported as actual GCSE grades.

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The Maths Staff

The Head of Faculty is Mrs Beth Haslam, and she should be the contact for all queries.  

Courses taught at Key Stage 5:

  • At Key Stage 5 we offer Mathematics AS and A Level, where we allow students to choose Statistics or Mechanics as part of their modules.
  • Also we offer Further Mathematics.


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