Design Technology

Welcome to the Design Technology Faculty. The Head of Faculty is Mrs V Lean who should be contacted for all queries. The Faculty has 5 full time and 2 part time members of staff. In addition to this we also have a specialist DT HLTA and 2 Technicians.

The Faculty encompasses a number of Departments – Catering, Food Technology, Graphics and Product Design. Within the area we have 7 extensively equipped specialist workshops all with ICT facilities and supported by leading edge technology. Both Laser Cutter and CNC Router are integrated into projects, consequently allowing pupils a sense of “reality” to the design and manufacture of products. In addition to our workshop accommodation we also have a Sixth Form Suite, Animation and Computer Suite.

We are a successful Faculty. Design Technology at Redruth School endeavours to nurture students design, creativity, innovation and problem solving through each area. As a result we continue to achieve excellent results at KS3, 4 and 5.

Courses offered at KS3

During KS3 students participate in a range of design and make projects aimed to develop practical, creative and intellectual skills. Pupils learning is organised around a “rotation” system in order to incorporate all disciplines working with a wide range of materials and skills. Students work both individually and as part of a team.

Courses offered at KS4

KS4 explores further the foundation of KS3. Students combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking in order to design and make products through a series of practical focused tasks. We offer the following GCSE courses: Catering, Engineering, Food Technology, Graphics and Product Design. These culminate in assessed tasks where students work on an extended brief.

Courses offered at KS5

Once again, our KS5 courses further student’s depth of knowledge in their chosen material area and follow the programme of study required by the Examination Board. We offer the following A Level courses: Food Technology, Graphics and Product Design.


During the first 3 weeks upon entering Yr 7 students complete a baseline “Passport” which is a levelled assessment.

At KS3 students are assessed regularly throughout the year and cover independent research projects, which are set as homework, classroom questions and practical work.

At KS4 and 5 continue the theme of individual study, assessed practical work and examination questions.

How can I help my son/daughter?

  • Support your child with their homework, check student planner, and ensure that your child has sufficient time to complete their homework consistently.
  • At all key stages asking your son/daughter to talk about their lessons and what they are learning – this will help consolidate their understanding and develop their ideas and knowledge.
  • Check the “show my homework” website to make sure homework is completed on time.
  • Collect articles from magazines/leaflets/watch programmes on design/food preparation/engineering.
  • Relevant revision guides and student workbooks at examination level.
  • All exam boards have a website designed to support students.
  • BBC bitesize revision.