Business, Child Development, Health and Social Care and Extended Project

The Head of Faculty is Mrs Till and she should be the contact for all queries. The faculty has 2 full time, specialist teachers for Business and Health and Social Care. We have 2 dedicated classrooms and a wide range of specialist equipment to simulate the working environment.

Courses taught at Key Stage 4 in the options block:


Cambridge Nationals in Business – Students will be able to complete this Level 2 course and also experience setting up their own business.

Child Development

Level 2 CACHE course.  This is a specialised, industry specific qualification for those wishing to work with younger children.

Courses Taught at Key Stage 5


BTEC Level 3 subsidiary Diploma and Diploma in Business.

Health and Social care

Level 3 Cambridge Technicals in Health and Social care.

Extended Project

AQA Level 3 Extended Project qualification.

Vocational Learning

We have 6 dedicated Classrooms.  Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard, 3 of these rooms are ICT suites. We have in addition 4 vocational suites which have been set up to replicate a working environment for Construction, Beauty Therapy, Animal Care and Hospitality.

Courses taught at Key Stage 4 in the options block:

At key stage 4 we would expect the majority of students to leave with

Computing – optional

Computer Science GCSE

Cambridge Nationals in ICT leading to the L3 Cambridge Technicals

The Vocational Suite (delivered in a Realistic Learning environment) – optional


Small animal care



At Key Stage 5 we offer

Pathway through to L3 vocational courses


As most of our subjects are based in a practical working environment, the majority of our assessment is completed through assignment work and the collection of evidence. We will provide realistic scenario’s for our students to work through. These courses are then moderated internally and externally to ensure quality.

We work with the following examination boards;

BTEC, OCR, AQA, Cambridge Nationals, Cambridge Technicals suite.

How can I help my son/daughter?

We will provide the materials for all our students; these will be supported through Show My Homework, which you can access through our website.

As a vocationally based subject area, any examples of real life work that the students can experience will enhance their learning.

We will endeavour to provide them with numerous opportunities to contact local related businesses where appropriate.

Careers and Work Experience

Work Experience: At Key Stage 4

Work Experience is currently offered to Year 10 students. This is a valuable week for the students, and this experience is put to good use in the classroom.

Work experience at Key Stage 5

Work experience is available to our Key Stage 5 students, and is a valuable asset to many courses in the 6th form. For more information, please speak to Mr Hammond.

For further information on Work Experience, please see the Work Experience section of the website.

Careers Education -  is coordinated by Mrs Haslam and delivered through student’s PSHE sessions. All students from Yr 7 – Yr 13, have access to relevant and up to date careers education.

Careers guidance – All students have the right to access independent careers guidance.  Students can request a session with our in house connexions advisor, or come and speak to Mrs Haslam for guidance.

Careers guidance is particularly important for our Yr 9, 11, 12 and 13 students. All Yr 11, 12 and 13 students will receive a careers guidance meeting.