6th Form

6th Form Prospectus 2014

The Year 12 Curriculum

There is a wide variety of AS Level and other Level 3 courses available to our Year 12 students.

Subjects are placed in blocks which are predetermined to ensure that all of our students can make their own choices and avoid any subject clashes on the timetable.  Each student may choose one subject from each block up to a maximum of 5 subjects. In addition to these subjects, there is a period of PSHE in the timetable cycle and a tutor time at the start of each day. On Wednesday afternoons, the Year 12 and 13 student are timetabled together for Physical Education activities.

It is recommended that each student studies 4 subjects during year 12.


The Year 13 Curriculum

At the end of year 12, students will  carry through their courses into Year 13.  For those who have completed their AS courses, that will mean continuing on to A2 level.  Most students will continue with 3 subjects only.

During Year 13, some students may wish to start new AS courses which means they will attend Year 12 lessons if there are no timetable clashes.


PLC's (Personalised Learning Checklist)




A2 ENGB3 PLC.pdf

A2 ENGB4 PLC.pdf

Year13 English Literature Redruth.pdf

Food Technology Major project overview and key months.pdf

HISTORY Personalised Learning Checklist for History Unit 3 - A2 - Boom, Bust.pdf

Media Year 12 Personalised Learning Checklist.pdf

Media Year 13Personalised Learning Checklist.pdf

Media Year 12 Personalised Learning Checklist.pdf

PRODUCT DESIGN AQA A level Revision guide.pdf




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