Work Experience Information

Work Experience for 2018 will take place 9th - 13th July  Students will be issued with Personal Identification Numbers to access this site shortly.

Veryan Job List

Veryan Information for Students 

Information for Parents/Carers Booklet


Common questions regarding work experience

* Can I have a placement out of county?

Yes, but ensure it is organised early to allow out of county placement checks to take place.

* Can I work with parents/ step parents/ aunties/ uncles etc?

Normally we say no, as if there is a family disagreement, it could lead to the placement falling through at the last minute.

* What hours can a student work?

35 hours a week, not normally before 7 am, and not normally after 7pm. Shift work is permitted.

* Can a student work in a tattoo parlour/ casino/ betting shop/ behind the bar of a pub?


* What is veryan?

This is a database run by Cornwall council listing all the employers who have previously, or who currently take students on work experience placement. Each student will be issued with their own pin number during tutor time, to allow them to access this website.

* Can a student use an employer not currently listed on veryan?

Yes, although make sure we know in plenty of time, to allow all the necessary checks to take place.

* Can  a student work with a sole trader?

Normally no, it is not recommended.

* Does an employer need to have public liability insurance in place before taking a student on work experience?


Where can parents access all necessary paperwork?

We can provide hard copies, however, all paperwork will be emailed home, or will be available on the website.


Work Experience Process:

Parents information evening held for Yr 10 parents. This evening will outline the process  of work experience for parents, answer any questions they may have, and run through health and safety issues. Scheduled for Sept 30th, 6pm.

Yr 10 assembly (date tbc). This assembly will outline the process of work experience to Yr 10 students. 

Tutor packs Monday morning tutor time – tutors receive pack containing approval and consent forms for each student, employer details forms, and Veryan passwords for students. 

Students return section 1 of approval and consent form to school and set about finding a placement. 

Once student has found a suitable placement, they return details to the school. Sections 2 & 3 of the approval and consent form are completed by the employer.  This can be a lengthy process between school, employer and student. Admin support will be required. 

Form returns to school from the employer, this form then goes home again for parents to sign. 

At this point viability of placement is confirmed via EBP. 

The finding of placements and completing the approval and consent form, is a lengthy process which will require admin support. 

Prior to placement, students receive health and safety training. This is currently delivered via 4 sessions of PSHE. Students complete the WHAC training run through the BSC. High risk placements (such as catering and agriculture), will receive additional health and safety input delivered by industry specialists. All students receive safeguarding training as part of their health and safety course. 

Students receive their work experience log book two weeks prior to placement, and have the opportunity to set themselves personalised targets. 

During work experience week, visits will need to be completed by a team of dedicated staff, who are briefed as to the requirements of making work experience visits.   

After completing work experience, students receive a debrief and are given the opportunity to write thank you letters to employers.