Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Welcome to the Skills Development Centre

Many students will require some form of support or intervention during their time in school.

We liaise closely with our feeder primary schools from as early as year 5 but earlier if required to ensure that transition is as smooth as possible. Students are assessed on entry for reading, spelling, writing and comprehension. This continues through the school enabling us to intervene as necessary to ensure that students continue to make progress and achieve.

Our Skills Development Centre staff, have a wealth of experience working with students identified with learning, physical, emotional, social and behavioural difficulties.

The teaching of SEN was rated as outstanding by parents and staff in our recent Kirkland Rowell survey.

Please refer to our attached sections for further information.

Skill Development Structure

Eugene Clemence - SENCo Direct line 01209 203721

Deborah Nicholas - Assistant SENCo/ ELC Manager Direct line 01209 203784

Lisa Dove - Literacy/Numeracy Manager







Teaching Assistants / Technicians

Bev Vowell - Food Technology

Tori Weston - Science


Curriculum Teaching Assistants

Bev Bradley - Humanities

Julie Opie - BALI


Deborah Jones - ELC TA

General Teaching Assistants

Carolyn Brown

Judith Evans

Alana Dodds

Oksana Fryer


WHAT DO WE OFFER? (To support individual need)

Teaching Assistant Support

Literacy Support

Paired Reading

Maths Intervention

Learning Mentor Support

Time Out Facility

Effective Learning Centre

Social Skill Groups / Anger Management

Pyramid Club / Self Esteem Groups

Drama Therapy

Read, Write, Inc., Fresh Start, Trugs

Oasis Room, for our Vulnerable Students, this is open before school, during breaks and lunch.

Testing for Dyslexia

Multi Agency Support

Speech & Language

Laptops—IPads (where appropriate)

Access Arrangements for exams

Alternative Programmes e.g. college courses,

Skill Based Vocational Courses

Homework/Coursework Clubs

In Year 7, 8 and 9

Students with a reading age below 10 years will be withdrawn for 1, 2 or 3 lessons per week for Skills Development to help boost their reading.

In Year 7 and 8 some students are withdrawn from English to work as part of a small group to boost their literacy skills.

We use Read, Write, Inc., Fresh Start, the SRA Corrective Reading Programme, Toe by Toe, Trugs and Word Shark, amongst others, to help students’ reading improve.

In Year 10 and 11

Interventions will take place during tutor time.


Each student who is on the Record of Need at School Action Plus, or with a Statement of Special Education Needs will be monitored by a Teaching Assistant Key worker, overseen by the SENCo.

Individual Learning Passports (ILP)  -   These are drawn up twice a year.

Parents/Carers of students on School Action Plus or Statements will be invited into school at least twice a year to discuss their child’s progress and drawn up/review an ILP. Copies are in the student’s planner.

Students on School Action will have their ILPs drawn up in discussion with a member of staff.

We have a wealth of experience in working with children with a variety of difficulties, including:



Down’s syndrome


Communication Difficulties



Hearing Difficulties

Learning Difficulties

Physical Impairment

Speech and Language difficulties

Visual Impairment

We work closely with Advisors in all areas to ensure the best for our students.



Access Audit

Expected levels of support in schools (Redruth Local Offer)

Skills Development Centre - Who we are

Skills Development Centre - Welcome pack


Developing Cursive Handwriting Accuracy and Speed

Developing Writing Skills

Handwriting Practise Sheet

Pearl Poster

Auditory Discrimination

Auditory Processing Games

Building Blocks for Reading and Spelling

Processing Games

Reading Practise

The First 200 Most Commonly Used English Words

Visual Processing

Visual Stress – Scotopic Sensitivity 


Is to work together with parents, carers, young people, teaching staff, Governors and other   professionals to help our students achieve and make progress to the best of their abilities.

Our SENCO welcomes your suggestions on how to improve the service we offer to our students. If you have a concern and your child is working with the Skills Development Centre please contact her on her direct line number:  01209 203709.